Wellness BioSciences Rx Review

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review – Scam or Legit MLM? [Explained]

Welcome to my Wellness BioSciences Rx Review!

Wellness BioSciences Rx is a multilevel (MLM) company that specializes in the nutritional supplement niche.

Selling or buying products are the basic things that you may do if you will be joining a particular business opportunity especially MLM opportunities.

Have you thought about joining this latest opportunity?

But can you really make money with the Wellness BioSciences Rx?

Therefore, I am going to reveal the nuts and bolts of Wellness BioSciences Rx in this review.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Wellness BioSciences Rx?
  • How to Join Wellness BioSciences Rx?
  • How to Make Money with Wellness BioSciences Rx?
  • What Do I Like About Wellness BioSciences Rx?
  • What Don’t I Like About Wellness BioSciences Rx?
  • Is Wellness BioSciences Rx A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Wellness BioSciences Rx in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review Summary

Product Name: Wellness BioSciences Rx

Author: Barry Cocheu and Sean M. Baker

Product Type: Multi Level marketing on nutritional supplements

Price: $195 or $495

Rating: 5/10

What is Wellness BioSciences Rx?

Wellness BioSciences Rx is formed by a group of individuals who are inspired by the power of natural healing and organic remedies.

Their aim is to provide the highest quality, organically grown, and hemp derived CBD on the market.

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp plants.

It is a popular supplement because it interacts with receptors that keep the body balanced and running normally.

According to WHOIS, the company website was created on August 24, 2018.

Wellness BioSciences Rx is just pre-launched on April 27,2019 and will be officially launched worldwide on October 19, 2019.

According to their marketing material, the heart and soul of Wellness BioSciences Rx is their CEO, Barry Cocheu and President, Sean M. Baker.

Mr. Cocheu claims himself highly experienced in managing and leading sales organizations as well as defining culture and brand development.

Also, the co-founder and President/CEO of a Network Marketing Company that exceeded 400 million in sales within twelve years.

Mr. Baker was a successful entrepreneur, and business owner for 15 years.

An expert at developing, cultivating, and inspiring sales professionals and sales organizations.

In respect to their management team, there are few movers and shakers who are:

  • Nimesh Patel – Chief Medical Doctor
  • Carmen Golden – Practitioner Brand Partner
  • Chris Golde – Practitioner Brand Partner
  • Nicole Mac – Practitioner Brand Partner

This company was birthed out of the need for more nutritional options that offer you a chance at a better quality of life.

The flagship products Wellness BioSciences Rx offers are health supplements such as:

  • WBRx Energy
  • WBRx Sleep
  • WBRx Relief Balm
  • WBRx Balance Soft Gels capsule CBD

How to Join Wellness BioSciences Rx?

To get started, you can click on “create an account” on the Wellness BioSciences Rx’s website.

You will ask to fill up a referrer’s ID number and fill up your particular to sign up for a member ID.

Once done, you will need to choose one of the affiliate packages offered by the Wellness BioSciences Rx.

The difference between these packages is the bundled WBRx products.

1. Registration fee – $49.95

In order to join the company and entitled to their compensation plan, you must pay the registration fee.

However, there is no bundled products available with this package.

2. WBRx Silver Pak – $499.95

It includes the affiliate membership and bundled WBRx products of:

  • WBRx Energy – 1 bottle
  • WBRx Sleep – 1 bottle
  • WBRx Relief Balm – 2 bottles
  • WBRx Balance – 1 bottle

3. WBRx Gold Pak – $1324.95

It includes the affiliate membership and bundled WBRx products of:

  • WBRx Energy – 3 bottles
  • WBRx Sleep – 3 bottles
  • WBRx Relief Balm – 4 bottles
  • WBRx Balance – 4 bottles

4. WBRx Diamond Pak – $2449.95

It includes the affiliate membership and bundled WBRx products of:

  • WBRx Energy – 7 bottles
  • WBRx Sleep – 7 bottles
  • WBRx Relief Balm – 7 bottles
  • WBRx Balance – 7 bottles

5. WBRx Platinum Pak – $3799.95

It includes the affiliate membership and bundled WBRx products of:

  • WBRx Energy – 11 bottles
  • WBRx Sleep – 11 bottles
  • WBRx Relief Balm – 12 bottles
  • WBRx Balance – 12 bottles

Then you will proceed to choose the method of payment.

The last step of enrollment is to select your website name and password.

This replicating website is an important part of your business to start earning money.

How to Make Money with Wellness BioSciences Rx?

Switching gears to look at ways to earn money from joining Wellness BioSciences Rx, I would like to introduce the seven ranks of affiliates they offered.

For your better understanding, GV stands for group volume (sales volume generated by your unilevel team/downline).

Retail commission 

You can earn on every product sold to the retail customers.

Recruitment commission

You can earn when you successfully sponsor or refer an affiliate under your member ID. The commission depends on the packages the affiliate chooses to sign up.

Residual commission

The sponsoring affiliate receives a commission based on the earnings of downline they have sponsored.

The residual commission is tracked and paid through a unilevel compensation structure.

For instance, the affiliates you personally introduced affiliates will place at the top (Level 1) of a unilevel team.

When Level 1 affiliates did the same as you, refer new affiliates joining the program, these new downlines will place at Level 2 of your unilevel team.

These will repeat until it reaches Level 6 of your unilevel team.

The residual commission offered by Wellness BioSciences Rx depends on your ranking.

Additionally, National Marketing Director and President’s Partnership Club ranked affiliates qualify for the Infinity Bonus of 1% and 2% respectively.

Infinity bonus is the percentage bonus based on volume the entire length of each unilevel leg starting from level 7.

Production Bonus

This production bonus only applicable to those with “Director” or higher ranking [based on retail volume they accumulated.

What Do I Like About Wellness BioSciences Rx?

1. Complete disclosure of information

Every piece of information you needed can be found in their official and social website.

They are not hiding any information from their customer and promoter.

Information on products, affiliate, compensation plan, management team and more are all available on the website.

What Don’t I Like About Wellness BioSciences Rx?

1. High retail price

Wellness BioSciences Rx is selling health and wellness supplements at overpriced as compared to the rivals’ products.

Since MLMs are structured with a bloated hierarchy of participating “distributors”, the prices of their products are high to accommodate them

Thus, the company is NOT showing a good balance with the price and quality of products.

2. Untested products

Although they claimed that their products are

  • 100% Non-GMO Hemp & CBD
  • Organic, All-Natural Ingredients
  • Gluten Free
  • Rich in Neuroprotectants
  • Lab-Tested for Safety

but there’s nothing we can prove the reliability of their statements.

Besides, there’s no testimony from customers or pre-launching group of individuals with which the products are tested.

Is Wellness BioSciences Rx A Scam?

As long as a company has a product available for sale to the general public, it’s a legitimate business.

It is somewhat similar to the others MLM programs.

However, it is too early now for me to identify if is Wellness BioSciences Rx is neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme.

I would keep this program in my list and monitor it closely since this program it is a relatively new program and soon to be launched.

Wellness BioSciences Rx is still new in the MLM market and has yet had time to prove itself as a reliable company.

Although Wellness BioSciences Rx offers such lucrative yet attractive compensation plan, but bear in mind it is not a quick money scheme.

There’s no magic formula!

The amount you can earn is totally based on your effort.

If you still making up your mind on whether to sign up Wellness BioSciences Rx, please do not make impulsive decision.

I would advise that you conduct a thorough research, gather detailed information and then use that to make your decision.


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