The She Approach Boosting Your Blog Traffic eBook – Comprehensive Review 2019

Welcome to My Review of Boosting Your Blog Traffic eBook!

First, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check about a program’s authenticity before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

Before I start,

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Boosting Your Blog Traffic review summary

Product Name: Boosting Your Blog Traffic

Author: Ana from ‘The She Approach’

Price: $25

Summary: I have been posted on my blog consistently but unfortunately there is ZERO viewer on my website before I gave a try to this eBook. After some research online, I found this book that many recommend learning about driving traffic. I then purchased the book and I got 1000 page views after a month of applying what I learned in this book. It is a great foundation for a blogger who does NOT want to spend a lot of money advertising their blog. There are some ‘hack’ and tricks that can get you consistent traffic through social media. Another great thing about this purchase is the resources that come along with the eBook. For example, Ana teaches you where to promote your blog on Facebook for free and without getting banned from groups. There are tons of nitty-gritty like this to help drive FREE traffic to your blog.

Rating: 8/10

Who is Ana from ‘The She Approach’?


Ana is a blog growth strategist, coach and the creator of The She Approach, a website where she shares her unique approach to blogging and where she helps other bloggers increase their income and their traffic.

She started a lifestyle blog as a way to practice writing and she slowly pivoted into sharing her blogging experiment: how to drive traffic to a website, what works and what did not. She discovered how she could make money by blogging and since then she started a lot of experiments to figure out the best strategy that generates income.

After six months into blogging, she finally made a consistent profit by blogging. She wanted to share her experience and what she discovered that will generate income for bloggers. Then, she hosted workshops and coaching sessions to help bloggers who want more traffic/income for their blog.

Throughout the years of teaching and coaching, she noticed many common mistakes that are slowing down bloggers’ progress. Therefore, she gathered her tips and tricks from her experience into this book in the hope of avoiding the same mistake that many bloggers have done.

What Will You Get for Boosting Your Blog Traffic?

  • 100+ pages of blog traffic tips and strategies
  • A complex but easy to grasp Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tutorial
  • A social media strategy breakdown
  • An in-depth Pinterest tutorials and resources
  • $30 on Tailwind equivalent to 2 months subscription
  • 100 places to promote your blog checklist
  • 100 Facebook promo groups for bloggers

Who is Boosting Your Blog Traffic for?

  • It is for beginner bloggers that are passionate about their content, but they are not sure how to promote it or how to grow their traffic
  • It is also for people who’ve been blogging for a while but feel like they are stuck and that whatever strategies they are trying, are simply not paying off.

What do I Like About Boosting Your Blog Traffic?

  • The book is a collection of all the fundamental strategies that bloggers should get acquainted with.You get to learn:
    • How to structure your blog posts
    • How to come up with attention-grabbing titles
    • How to make sure that visitors stay on your blog for longer
    • SEO and Pinterest strategies,
    • Tips on using your email list to get blog traffic and other ideas on how (and where) to promote your blog posts.
  • The book is structured as a step-by-step plan that you can follow along to optimize your website, attract a loyal readership and get page views rolling in. You will always have clear instruction on what to do next.


This ebook provides great value for those are looking for passive income. If you are willing to spend tens of thousands on a college degree, why not spend only $25 for knowledge that might get you out of the 9-5 job. In addition, you get $30 to spend on TAILWIND which is a ‘must-use’ software to drive massive traffic to your website. Basically, Tailwind is a community that let the members to promote each other’s content so that the other members’ follower will get to see your website. This is how most people get 10,000 visits per month on their website. Overall, you spend $25 for a bunch of knowledge, tutorials, resources and $30 to spend on TAILWIND. Doesn’t it sounds like a great investment?

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