SwissGold Market Review - Scam or Legit Gold Investment [Revealed]

SwissGold Market Review – Scam or Legit Gold Investment [Revealed]

Welcome to my SwissGold Market Review!

SwissGold Market claims to let you make money by trading gold. In this review, I am going to reveal everything about it. Many people wonder if it is legit or a scam.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is SwissGold Market?
  • How Does SwissGold Market Work?
  • How to Join SwissGold Market?
  • What Do I Like About SwissGold Market?
  • What Don’t I Like About SwissGold Market?
  • Is SwissGold Market A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with SwissGold Market in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

SwissGold Market Review Summary

Product Name: SwissGold Market

Founder: Unknown

Product Type: Online Networking and gold trading platform

Price: €280

Rating: 2/10

What is SwissGold Market?

SwissGold market is an online platform that lets you trade gold. However, that doesn’t relate to its marketing program. The company claims to have been operating for at least 6 years. A domain check up has revealed that their website is only up since 2018.

Besides, they claim to be from Belize, United Kingdom. However, the domain check up also shows that their IP address is from Amsterdam.

There is no known founder for the company, but they have a strong social media presence on Facebook and instagram with over 3,000 followers and close to 20,000 likes.

SwissGold Market lets you trade gold by either buying it and having it delivered via secured mail, or keep it safe in a depository box.

By joining their online store program, you can also purchase their gold at 10% of the contract value.

How Does SwissGold Market Work?

The platform lets you buy and sell gold, but you will need to register an account before doing so. Not only that, they also offer you another chance to earn more by becoming their affiliate.

Their affiliate system works by a 2×2 matrix. If you place an order as an affiliate, you are the first level, the 2 people you recruit as affiliates will be under the second level, and the 2 other people they recruit will be on the third level.

They do offer a €75 package for you, which is the lowest. However, they will not let you earn the investment returns you have made. You can only make investment returns if you pay for the €280 package.

How to Join SwissGold Market?

There is not much information to be accessed if you do not join the online gold trading platform. You are also not allowed to buy or sell gold on their platform unless you log in or register.

To do so, you can click on the “Register” button at the top right corner of their homepage. However, you cannot register an account without a sponsor.

If you do have a sponsor, you just have to fill in your basic personal information and agree to their terms and conditions.

What Do I Like About SwissGold Market?

1. Neat website and real time price tracker.

Gold prices fluctuate all the time as it is a commodity in the market. As an investment vehicle, it is often for investors to track its price to determine its future direction.

SwissGold Market has implemented a real time price tracker to solve the worries of their investors. It is located at the right side of the menu bar. The real time price tracker states the price of gold and the last time it was tracked.

The website also uses a colour palette of black and gold, which communicates the impression of being elegant.

2.Strong social media presence

With over 3,000 followers on Instagram and almost 20,000 likes on Facebook, we can see that they are managing their social media platforms properly.

However, there have been negative comments on their Facebook reviews. A user has pointed out that SwissGold Market is a duplicate of Swissgolden, which is a scam site that has been exposed.

What Don’t I Like About SwissGold Market?

1. No known founder

Gold is a highly valuable investment vehicle. Many top notch investors switch to gold because it has a very high intrinsic value.

If the economy is terrible and stocks are not performing as they should. Investors would cash out their assets to diversify it on gold in order to prevent the value of their assets from plummeting further.

However, such an important commodity has no known founder to its company. Would you feel safe to entrust your assets to a company with an unknown founder?

2. Highly possible Ponzi scheme

SwissGold Market allows users to trade gold and also to become an affiliate. However, their compensation plans for their affiliates are very sketchy.

First of all, there is no obvious note, article or blog to explain the compensation rules clearly. They have jumbled up all the information into their terms and conditions page. However, one thing that makes sense is that members are compensated by recruiting at least 2 affiliates.

Doesn’t this sound familiar to you? Affiliate marketing does not require marketers to pay because it leverages on the marketer’s social circle. This is very likely to be a Ponzi scheme.

Is SwissGold Market A Scam?

SwissGold Market has raised a lot of red flags. If you are really serious about investing in gold, I suggest you take a look at other platforms that are much more reliable than this.

So far, there have been no articles exposing the true nature of the platform. However, there might be in the future. I suggest you stay away from SwissGold Market if you value your time and money.

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At last, I hope this review is helpful to you because I don’t want anybody else to waste time like I did.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share this blog with your friends to raise awareness. Thank you.


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