Six Figure Blogger Review – How Much Can You Make?

Welcome to my review of Six Figure Blogger!

First, I need to congratulate you for taking the time to search into a seemingly good program because that’s the only way to avoid scam!

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Six Figure Blogger Review Summary

Product Name: Six Figure Blogger

Author: Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus

Price: $297 (one time payment)

Summary: An affordable course for someone who is new to affiliate marketing or struggles to make money as an online marketer. You get to learn different ways of making money online. There are a lot of online marketers are currently using the exact same strategy and are making good money with it. However, it might be quite difficult to make six-figure by doing what they teach in the course. Remember always be skeptical about the online information especially ways of making money fast. I am not saying you can’t make money with this course. But I think the statement that you can make six-figure in a year or two is somehow exaggerated.

Rating: 7/10

Who is Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus?

Alex was a personal trainer and Lauren was an accountant living at the 9-5 lives. They were frustrated about their job and wanted freedom. They quit their job and move to Alex’s parent’s basement to focus on blogging.

The couple failed at their first blog because they weren’t focusing on the reader’s need but they did not give up. Instead, they learned the lesson and started another blog named ‘’ which talks about fitness and health.

By the end of 3rd month, they had 300k followers and by the end of 6th month, they made over $17k. By the end of first year, they made over $100k and in their second year, they made over $818k.

The success of ‘’ leads to another blog named ‘Create and Go’ which focus on helping people who want to make money by blogging. They are featured in Forbes’s article where they talked about their journey and what have they learned throughout the journey.

On the ‘Create and Go’ sale page, they have posted income on PayPal and other payment apps to show their PROOF of success.

What Will You Get from Six Figure Blogger?

Inside the course, you will find a long series of video lessons in a PowerPoint Deck. Below are the main topics they teach in Six Figure Blogger.

  • Framework For Creating A Six-Figure Blog
  • How To Make Money Blogging By Using Affiliate Marketing
  • How To Create an eBook From Scratch
  • How to Create an eCourse From Scratch
  • How To Create High Converting Sales Pages
  • How To Create Content That Sells Affiliates & Digital Products
  • How To Use Email Marketing To Build Trust and Make Money
  • How To Drive Massive Traffic To You Page

They talk about what have they learned from their mistake and how they quickly come back and start to generate income.

The best of taking this course is the step-by-step tutorial that they provide to guide you through the entire process. This is nothing like the courses I have taken previously. Most of the online courses briefly tell you what you should do but never actually show you HOW to do it.

Basically, the author hand-held you from starting a blog to making your very first bucket of money. They pay attention to detail while showing you every step that you need to take.

It is always clear that what is the next step and you save a lot of time by following their guide.

Who is Six Figure Blogger for?

  • People who are serious about blogging and affiliate marketing and have $297 to spend.
  • People who are on an intermediate level or new to affiliate marketing and want to learn about how to create a blog.
  • People who want to learn how to create their own digital product and make a living off it.
  • People who struggle to get traffic to their website and struggle to monetize their website.

What do I Like About Six Figure Blogger?

1. Email Funnel Template

Email marketing is another key component of making money online because you get to build trust with your audience through personalized email. You can also provide valuable information along with sale pitch in the email. Six Figure Blogger includes email funnel templates that are proven to convert well so that you can customize your own email funnel based on the templates.

2. Easy to Follow Tutorial

Another big plus in the tutorial is its clarity. I have watched many online tutorials before and it is hard to follow if the course is not well organized. This course shows you step by step in the video about what technology you should use and how to use them correctly. It is almost impossible to get confused because everything is shown in the video and all you have to do is just watch the video and follow along.

3. Proved to Work Strategy

The strategies they taught in the course are proven to work in the market. Many people seem to have found their success by using their strategies. There are many testimonies on their sale page but one thing to keep in mind is that those can be fake. However, I have spent a lot of time studying affiliate marketing and their strategies seem does make sense to me. Their strategies are somehow similar to what other online marketers are teaching.

4. 60-days Refund Policy

Refund is applicable if you can prove that you have implemented their strategy on your website and there is no result coming out of those strategies. Please note that refund is subjective to terms and condition so please pay more attention to that before putting down your money.

What don’t I Like About Six Figure Blogger?

1. Do Not Teach Important Skills

The things they teach in the course are more for intermediate/beginner online marketer. Skills like Keyword Researching and Content Writing are the key to make consistent income through blogging/affiliate marketing.

Because these skills can get you ranked high on Google and it will get you free traffic and make money while you sleep. Think about how would people find things these days, it’s Google! That’s the best way people will find out about your website.

If you have good content writing skill, people will gain something valuable very easily from your website. This way you build trust with your audience and they will most likely come back for more information.

2. Do Not Provide Any Other Bonus

Many other online courses like Wealthy Affiliate(WA) provide you the tools that you need to succeed. For example, you get to host your website for free by sign up a free account under WA.

Of course, the thing you can do with a free account is limited but those are already sufficient for me to start. After you make some money, you can then decide if you need some further features to scale up.

You also absolutely fine staying as a free account, nobody will take their website away from you. I personally think that’s a better plan because I don’t like spending money before I see the potential of making my money back in the future.


For $297 and Alex and Lauren’s reputation, it is can be a good investment for those who are really serious about affiliate marketing. However, the course is more suitable for beginner level online marketers and for those who are struggling to get views on their website.

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