MyChargeBack Review

MyChargeBack Review – How Much Is It? [High Success Rate?]

Welcome to my MyChargeBack Review!

MyChargeBack is a company that helps to recover the money you lose to scams. In this review, I will share everything you need to know about them including how can MyChargeBack help you to get your money back.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is MyChargeBack?
  • How Much Does MyChargeBack Charge?
  • What Do I like about MyChargeBack?
  • What Don’t I like about MyChargeBack?
  • Who Is MyChargeBack For?
  • Is MyChargeBack A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with MyChargeBack in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

MyChargeBack Review Summary

Product Name: MyChargeBack

Author: Mark Timmons

Product Type: Fraud Chargeback

Price: Depends on your case

Rating: 3/10

What is MyChargeBack?

MyChargeBack is a company that helps investors to recover the money stolen by websites who pretends to be “brokers” but in reality, are just boiler rooms.

MyChargeBack is based in New York, owned and operated by Cactil LLC.

Mark Timmons, the founder said, “We want to make a point and educate people not only on what to look for to avoid being scammed, but also to remove that false stigma attached to victims of scams.

How Does MyChargeBack Work?

You can think of it as a law firm. They will provide a consultation for free and evaluate if your case is acceptable.

They mostly accept a case which has a lost amount greater than $5000. After they accept your case, they will charge a fee upfront even before they start to help you to get the money.

Then, you will do all the paperwork and help you to talk to the bank in order to get your money back.

Most of the time when people got scammed, they are forced to bare the lost and bank won’t help to chargeback or do anything to help.

This is where MyChargeBack comes into help. They have in-depth experience of working with MasterCard and Visa. So they will have a higher chance of getting your back.

With that said, if you lose money by cash or wire transfer, it is harder for them to help you.

How Much Does MyChargeBack Charge?

Many people just shared how MyChargeBack can help you but nobody really talks about how much is the actual fee.

It wouldn’t make sense to spend $1000 more to risk getting $5000 back right.

I personally have not used MyChargeBack before but there is a case where the user has to pay $800 for getting his $5000 back.

It’s indeed quite expensive but at the end of the day, the user got $5000 back. So I think that’s not too bad.

I know it can be worse if they didn’t get the money back. That’s why MyChargeBack will evaluate the case and tell you the possibility of getting your money back for free.

What Do I like about MyChargeBack?

1. A better chance to Get Money Back

As mentioned earlier, they are the expert that deals with banking, credit cards and chargeback. So it is like hire a lawyer to win a law sue for you.

You can certainly speak for yourself but it is better to spend some money and increase the winning possibility right.

So it can be a really good option to use MyChargeBack if the amount you lose is way higher than $5000.

2. Good Reputation Online

It has very good reputation online. There are many reviews that claim they got the money back with the help of MyChargeBack.

Even big domain like also has a blog post dedicated to MyChargeBack and talk about how it helped many people get their money back.

3. Legit Company Background

Not only the company’s background information is easily found online, they also have a A- rating on BBB. In other words, it is a legit company.

What Don’t I like about MyChargeBack?

1. Charge Upfront

The bad part is that they charge you upfront even before helping you to get back the money. People will be skeptical about this because they have already gotten scammed once.

I think they should really charge after they got the money back, not before. It is definitely hurting for someone get more money out after they just got scammed.

But it is how the company operates. So it depends on how much you are looking to recover. Because it is not worth it if the money is too little. Remember they have an expensive fee.

2. No Pricing Plan

It is so difficult to know how much it is going to cost in order to hire them. They don’t put any pricing reference on their website.

The only way to know is by calling them and describe your case so that they could make a quotation for you.

3. No Guarantee

There is no guarantee of success here. Thus, the money you spend can totally be a second harm to you.

Again, it is like hiring a lawyer. You never know if you will win the lawsuit. But you still have to pay the lawyer fees at the end of the day.

Who Is MyChargeBack For?

I think it is really for those who have lost money in investing-related scam and the amount has to be higher than $5000.

Otherwise, it is not quite worth the money as it is not cheap to hire them.

Is MyChargeBack A Scam?

Overall, MyChargeBack is definitely not a scam. Instead they have quite a good review online. Many people share their success stories with MyChargeBack.

I guess the real question you are wondering is how high is the success rate.

The best answer to that is to call them and ask that to them by yourself. Don’t worry. They have a free consultation and they will evaluate your case.

It had rejected to help somebody because they think it is unhelpable. So just listen to what they say and reason out if they are for you.

Hopefully this post helps a little. I wish everyone the best in everything good you do.


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