Mirror Trading International Review - Is Mymticlub.com Scam or Legit MLM?

Mirror Trading International Review – Is Mymticlub.com Scam or Legit MLM?

Welcome to my Mirror Trading International Review!

The future of the economy has arrived with the present of cryptocurrency and blockchains. Recently, the landscape of crypto-investment is changing, and it is happening fast.

Have you thought about Mirror Trading International and joining this latest opportunity?

Mirror Trading International being the niche of Forex Trading that guarantees fixed passive return.

Since there is so much hype on it, I have decided to take a closer look at this company. The main concern of us is how to make money from this company.

Thus, I am going to reveal the nuts and bolts of Mirror Trading International in this review.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Mirror Trading International?
  • How to Join Mirror Trading International?
  • How does Mirror Trading International Really Work?
  • How to Make Money with Mirror Trading International?
  • What Do I Like About Mirror Trading International?
  • What Don’t I Like About Mirror Trading International?
  • Is Mirror Trading International A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Mirror Trading International in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Mirror Trading International Review Summary

Product Name: Mirror Trading International

Author: Johann Steynberg

Product Type: Multi Level marketing in Forex

Price: Minimum $100

Rating: 6/10

What is Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International is a South Africa based multilevel marketing company (MLM) in the niche of the cryptocurrency market.

It was founded in April 2019 with the goal to create sustainability for its members through consistent daily and weekly trading bonuses.

The company website was created on August 9, 2019, retrieved from WHOIS.

In regards to their official website, Mirror Trading International claims itself as the opportunity all Bitcoin and Forex investors have been looking for.

According to their marketing material, the heart and soul of Mirror Trading International is its founder aka CEO, Mr. Johann Steynberg.

To be honest, what Mirror Trading International doing is a very unique yet interesting business which newly growing exponentially in the market.

Then, I am sure you are now wondering what the product Mirror Trading International is offering.

This company does not offer any tangible products for its members to sell, only the affiliate membership.

How to Join Mirror Trading International?

It’s easy to join. With a minimum of $100 and you’ll secure yourself a membership or an investment plan.

However, to grant eligibility for the full participation of Mirror Trading International’s compensation plan, a minimum of $200 is needed.

How does Mirror Trading International Really Work?

“MTI” is built-in artificial intelligence that dynamically adjusts to trading and market conditions.

It carries out automated operations in different exchanges around the world, buying in those that have a cheaper quote and selling on those that pay more.

Simply open an account to become a member of the MTI club through Mirror Trading International’s official website or your referral link.

Your membership continues as long as you keep a minimum balance of $100 in your club account.

To increase your investment fund, you will need to send Bitcoin to the wallet address provided to you in your member’s area.

Then, your funds will automatically start trading live on the Forex markets.

On a daily basis, you will receive a detailed statement of exactly what trades were taken, the profits or losses made for the day.

How to Make Money with Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International does not offer tangible products, their compensation plan is mainly based on the affiliate membership you sold.

Switching gears now to look at ways to earn money from joining the company.

I will my explanation into two parts since Mirror Trading International provides two types of services, trading and networking.

To invest funds and earn an expected return, you can access to their trading software, “MTI”.

If profits are made, return on investment (ROI) are split as follows every Saturday:

  • Members – 40%
  • Traders – 30%
  • Binary/MLM – 20%
  • Company – 10%

Next, the compensation plan on the networking part.

Recruitment commission

You can earn a 10% recruitment commission on his/her funds when you successfully sponsor or refer an affiliate under your member link.

Binary residual commission

The binary plan works on the distribution of two sides (left and right).

Your binary team will be filled up via direct and indirect recruitment of affiliates.

Alike many other compensation plans, Mirror Trading International will sum up the new investment volume on the left and right sides weekly.

You are entitled to a 20% binary residual commission of company-wide generated returns.

However, this amount of commission can be earned is based on the funds you invested in the company.

  • Invest $200 to $999 – earn binary residual commission down 10 levels
  • Invest $1,000 to $4,999 – earn binary residual commission down 20 levels
  • Invest $5,000 to $9,999 – earn binary residual commission down 30 levels
  • Invest 10,000 or more – earn unlimited levels of binary residual commission 

An important point to highlight, Mirror Trading International is using bitcoin as the base currency.

All input and output are conducted in Bitcoin.

What Do I Like About Mirror Trading International?

1. Full control of your funds

Unlikely other cryptocurrency programs, your funds are not pooled in a 3rd party but your own personal trading account with FX Choice.

This gives you full control over your funds at all times. Thus, Mirror Trading International seems to be much more secure.

What Don’t I Like About Mirror Trading International?

1. Vague investment information

Lacking information on how the company manages the investor’s money.

They are not backed by a real and verified trader, only rely on MIT which using market indicators and complex trading algorithmic.

MIT is an advanced trading software with built-in artificial intelligence that provides a fuss-free way to receive returns daily.

2. Not Stable Passive Income

In order to recruit more people and make money, you need to learn how to reach more people without spending a lot of money and annoy the people around you.

For example, I have created this blog that gets hundreds of visitors each day. I can promote something here and if people buy it, I will earn an affiliate commission.

Instead of forcing people to join a program or buy something, I rank my blog high on Google and let them come to me.

This is done through search engine optimization and keyword research.

Sadly, they don’t teach anything like that in Planet Impact Academy. That’s why it is really hard to make money in an MLM business without learning some internet marketing skills.

If you are interested in how I learn those skill and make money online, please feel free to check here where I share my online venture in details.

Is Mirror Trading International A Scam?

It is too early now for me to identify if is Mirror Trading International a scam.

I would keep this program in my list and monitor it closely since it is a relatively new cryptocurrency MLM program.

Mirror Trading International is still new in the MLM market and has yet had time to prove itself as a reliable company.

This company allows you to “sit back and relax” as its MIT forex system takes care of everything regarding your investment.

Just like stocks and option, Forex is another risky way of making money, make sure you can take its potential ups and downs before joining.

There are other ways to make money online that are safer than this. You could start a dropshipping business or even a freelance career. All it takes is a few months of self learning.

I have made money online myself and I can guarantee you that it’s certainly not easy if you are creating consistent income.

For example, I make money by promoting products on my website and I do search engine optimization (SEO) on my website to gain traffic from Google.

Thus, I don’t have to spend a dime on advertising and yet I get hundreds of visitors on a daily basis.

If you would like to learn more about how I did it, please feel to check below for how I make money online.

At last, I hope this review is helpful to you because I don’t want anybody else to waste time like I did.

Please feel free to leave a comment or share this blog with your friends to raise awareness. Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “Mirror Trading International Review – Is Mymticlub.com Scam or Legit MLM?”

  1. Looks like a scam to me. I’d be much more inclined to look closer if there was more information about the trading results.

  2. Scammers have ruined the forex trading market and this company is one of them. They have deceived many people with their fake promises on high returns. I learnt my lesson the hard way. I only pity people who still consider investing with them. Please try and make your researches, you will definitely come across better and reliable forex trading agencies that would help you yield profit and not ripping off your money. Also, if your money has been ripped-off by these scammers, you can report to a regulated crypto investigative unit who make use of software to get money back.

  3. I would like to state undoubtedly what I have read so far (both from the article and the few comments)not my experience, the article misses somewhat factual bases, I can see the writer did put a lot of detail in that is correct…
    In all my years with EA systems, MTI is the only Company that produces a very good average, way above normal returns and they do it definitely in a sustainable manner.
    I have been invited to join October 2019 by a friend of more than 30 years and has not once had I been able to find fault on any of their claims, I do withdrawals regularly, in fact at least once a week.
    The Growth is the only flexible factor and varies as the days go on, the Bot we have seen in action (we did a full due-diligence) and the CEO is Open and visible, we know him from 2016 already as a serious man who works ethically and deals with members of MTI with compassion, he has been offered a 5% discount by the traders in Jan.2020 and guess what he did with it – he passed it on to his Leaders in the referral side (optional to all members who wishes to share in the Team building) . . . here are some interesting facts:

    * October 2019 – 70 bitcoin in the Pool (average distributed gains = 7 Bitcoin for Oct. 2019
    * June 2020 – 8,200 bitcoin in the Pool with an average distribution = 800+ bitcoin for June, at the current price of $9,470 per Bitcoin you can just imagine the magnitude of this start-up.

    I guess as soon as SA Government regulates Bitcoin, this will become a Game changer as Institutions and Pension funds would be allowed to invest in this dynamic asset class.

    I end by stating – MTI is Legitimate as you will ever find – see for yourself on YouTube 🙂


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