Math2Cash Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Math2Cash Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Welcome to my Math2Cash Review!

Math2Cash promised to help you earn cash by doing math problems. In this review, I am going to reveal everything about Math2Cash and answer the question, if Math2Cash is a scam.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Math2Cash?
  • How to Make Money with Math2Cash?
  • How Much Can You Make?
  • What People Said about Math2Cash?
  • What Do I Like About Math2Cash?
  • What Don’t I Like About Math2Cash?
  • Is Math2Cash A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Math2Cash in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Math2Cash Review Summary

Product Name: Math2Cash

Author: Unknown

Product Type: Make Money Solving Math Problems

Price: Free to Join

Rating: 2/10

What is Math2Cash?

Math2Cash is an online program that claims to pay you to solve math problems.

You can just stay at your home and solve some math problems on your phone to make money.

Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? I felt exactly the same way and that is why I have tried the program myself.

There are some hidden truths that I think everyone should be aware of before joining Math2Cash.

Unfortunately, there is very little information about who created this program.

According to WHOIS, Math2Cash’s official website was created on September 2019.

No wonder there is not much information about it since it is such a new program.

Without further ado, let’s get into how to make money with it.

How to Make Money with Math2Cash?

According to Math2Cash, there are only 3 steps to make money with them.

1. Sign Up

You only need to give them your name, contact number and email address in order to sign up for an account.

They promise to give your information within their system and not to leak them out.

There is also no age or regional restriction in Math2Cash. You are eligible to join as long as there are internet connect and an electronic device.

2. Solve Math Problem

After logging in by using the username and password, you will see page like shown above where you need to solve simple math problems in order to make money.

3. Earn

For every question solved, they pay you 0.02 Philippine peso, FYI, 1 Peso = $0.019 USD.

After you have accumulated 100 peso in the system, you can request to withdraw your money.

They claim to pay you through PayPal, Coins.Ph, GCash, Globe or so on.

Besides solving math problems, there is also another way to make money with Math2Cash which is inviting more people to join it.

According to Math2Cash, you will earn 10% of your referral’s income.

For example, your friend has signed up through your link and started to make $10. You will receive $1.

How Much Can You Make?

Not much. As I have mentioned above, one math question earns you 0.02 peso which is equals to $0.001 USD.

In other words, you need to solve 1000 questions to make just ONE united state dollar.

There are also many other reasons why Math2Cash is not for you.

What People Said About Math2Cash?

If you would like to get a look of Math2Cash in action, please check the video out as it shows you how solving the math problem is like.

What is behind Math2Cash?

Now, you might wonder how would Math2Cash make money.

After getting into the member area, you will see a lot of ads and affiliate links on their website.

As you can see above, the red circles are showing the affiliate links where they make money if you click on it.

Sometimes you need to buy something in order for them to make money but sometimes they can make money as well without you buying anything.

What Do I Like About Math2Cash?

I don’t like anything about it because there is no proof that Math2Cash pays you for sure at this point.

Nobody has that determination to reach the $100 minimum payout threshold.

Also, there are better programs for you if you want to stay at home and make a few bucks.

Here’s my highest paying online survey sites that you should check out if you are staying at home and have internet connection.

What Don’t I Like About Math2Cash?

1. Unrealistic Claim

We know that Math2Cash was only created in September of 2019 which is just 1 month ago as of writing this review.

Yet it has claimed that they already have 20,376 registered users who have solve 280,000 math problems.

I don’t understand how is it possible to grow so fast in such a short amount of time. Obviously, it is a fake claim to lure people into signing up with them.

2. Extremely Low Pay

If you are really into working from home and making money by doing simple tasks, I think you can make a higher income with InboxDollars and Swagbucks.

I have tested many online survey sites myself and InboxDollars and Swagbucks are by far the highest paying survey sites I have ever seen.

3. Hidden Founder

The fact that there’s no information about who created this program already tells a thing or two about Math2Cash.

In other words, nobody is responsible for any issues within the program. Let’s say there is a technical issue and you can’t withdraw your money, there is nobody you can reach out to.

I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time into solving math problems but not getting any money for it.

4. Clunky Website

As I have mentioned earlier, the website is full of advertisements and shady links.

I have accidentally clicked into some links thinking that it will lead me to another part of the website.

The website just looks way too shady and laggy. I don’t want to visit some unknown websites by accidentally clicking on their links.

Thus I don’t recommend you to visit their website as well.

Is Math2Cash A Scam?

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend you to join Math2Cash because of many reasons mentioned above.

However, if you are serious about making money online, you should think about creating an online business that will generate passive income for you.

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I have hundreds of visitors to my site and I can make money off ad revenue and affiliate commission.

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