Liv International Review - Is Scam or Legit Health MLM?

Liv International Review – Is Scam or Legit Health MLM?

Welcome to my Liv International Review!

Liv International is a multilevel (MLM) company that specializes in the health and nutritional supplement niche.

They offered a complete product line and monetary compensation on sales for associates.

Selling or buying products are the basic things that you may do if you will be joining a particular business opportunity especially MLM opportunities.

Have you thought about CannerGrow and joining this latest opportunity?

Since there is so much hype on it, I have decided to take a closer look at this company.

The main concern of us is how to make money from this company. Thus, I am going to reveal the nuts and bolts of Liv International in this review.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Liv International?
  • How to Join Liv International?
  • How to Make Money with Liv International?
  • What Do I Like About Liv International?
  • What Don’t I Like About Liv International?
  • Is Liv International A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Liv International in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Liv International Review Summary

Product Name: Liv International

Author: Mr. Jeff Tuttle

Product Type: Multi Level marketing 

Price: Minimum $150

Rating: 7/10

What is Liv International?

Liv International was founded for the purposes of revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.

The company’s headquarter is located in Orem, Utah.

However, their business is conducted in a few countries such as Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand.

According to WHOIS, the company website was created on July 8, 2004, and updated recently on July 9, 2019.

 “Liv Life Well”.

As the slogan suggests, it is obvious that Liv International encourages and assists its people to continually grow intellectually.

According to their marketing material, the heart and soul of Liv International is their CEO and product formulator, Mr. Jeff Tuttle.

He claimed he has over 30 years in network marketing. Also, formulated hundreds of products that are sold around the world.

According to his bio, Mr. Jeff was the Executive Director of International Marketing for Nature’s Sunshine Products.

With respect to their management team, there is no information on it.

The flagship products Liv International offers are 16 in total which consists of:

  • AMP Plus – The next level of weight loss
  • BloX – Your body’s first line of defense
  • ClenzT – Promotes regularity
  • Crave – Kills cravings & traps fat
  • E-3 Enzymes – Digest, protect and restore
  • GO Nitrimax – Circulation and performance
  • Green2O – Healthy hydration for the whole family
  • Lean – Weight management support
  • LIVPro 15 – Advanced protein with no cabs
  • Daily Smart – Multivitamin with Nootropic
  • LIV Sxinney – Take your weight loss to the max
  • Age Defiance Serum – Face lift in a bottle
  • Serezen – Peace. Zen. Serenity
  • Sxinney Mist – The ultimate sweet blocker
  • Ultimate Edge – The unfair performance advantage
  • ZING – Alertness in a pinch

How to Join Liv International?

To get started, you can click on “Join Now” on the Liv International ’s website.

In order to join the company and entitled to their compensation plan, you must pay the membership fee of $25.

How to Make Money with Liv International?

Switching gears to look at ways to earn money from joining Liv International, I would like to introduce the six ranks of affiliates they offered.

  • Manger
  • Director
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum, and
  • Diamond.

Firstly, you can earn a retail commission on every product sold to retail customers.

The commission earned is the difference between retail and wholesale prices.

Besides retail commission, Liv International can also earn a team builder commission for building a downline of affiliates.

There are 10 ways to get paid!

  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Retail Bonus
  • Pool Rank Bonus
  • Binary Commissions
  • Unilevel Commissions
  • Generational Commissions
  • Director’s Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Strong Leg 
  • Bonus Trips

However, you MUST have at least $135 sales volume per month in order to eligible for Liv International’s compensation plan.

For more details, you may refer to the diagram below for the team builder commission of each rank respectively.

What Do I Like About Liv International?

1. Reasonable price for quality products

Liv International is selling health and wellness supplements at a reasonable price which is somewhat similar compared to the rivals’ products.

Moreover, the company is now having some great promotions ongoing such as “Buy 1 Free 1”.

You may refer to its social website for more information.

Moreover, most of the reviews and testimonials online have shown a positive rating on Liv International’s products.

Thus, the company is showing a good balance with the price and quality of products.

2. Suitable for all types of investors

Neither experienced nor inexperienced investors can join Liv International.

It handholds investors, supports its affiliates with:

  • Free Replicated Website
  • LIV International MasterCard
  • Back Office Business Tools
  • Online LIV University Training

What Don’t I Like About Liv International?

1. Uncertain return

The return from Liv International is uncertain.

This is because it highly depends on the number of products you have sold and affiliates you have recruited.

Undeniably, heavy recruitment is a key factor in being successful with the company’s compensation plan.

Therefore, you must put in lots of effort and time in order to generate a high return.

On the other hand, a minimum of $135 sales must be hit very month to enjoy the commissions.

2. Not Passive Income

In order to recruit more people and make money, you need to learn how to reach more people without spending a lot of money and annoy the people around you.

For example, I have created this blog that gets hundreds of visitors each day. I can promote something here and if people buy it, I will earn an affiliate commission.

Instead of forcing people to join a program or buy something, I rank my blog high on Google and let them come to me.

This is done through search engine optimization and keyword research.

Sadly, they don’t teach anything like that in Planet Impact Academy. That’s why it is really hard to make money in an MLM business without learning some internet marketing skills.

If you are interested how I learn those skill and make money online, please feel free to check here where I share my online venture in details.

Is Liv International A Scam?

As long as a company has a product available for sale to the general public, it’s a legitimate business.

It is somewhat similar to the other MLM programs.

The CEO of Liv International, Mr. Jeff Tuttle is highly experienced in the niche of health and supplements.

Recently, a new innovative partnership between LIV International and Simplified Genetics was announced.

LIV Genetics analyzes your DNA and generates personalized recommendations for maintaining a healthy weight.

On the other hand, the company provides its affiliates with a wealth of support options to help grow their businesses.

Liv International also offers numerous ways to earn a decent income in its business opportunity as discussed above.

Although Liv International offers such a lucrative yet attractive compensation plan, but bear in mind it is not a quick money scheme.

There’s no magic formula!

The amount you can earn is totally based on your effort.

In my opinion, Liv International might be a golden opportunity to start earning your side income.

However, my review has only provided all of the necessary information needed.

All that is left for you to do is look at the findings and make an educated decision.

I would still advise that you conduct thorough research, gather detailed information and then use that to make your decision.


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