Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review – Is A Scam?

Welcome to my Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review!

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane is a program that claimed to make you $250 per day by implementing the done-for-you system. In this review, I am going to show you everything about it and hopefully help you determine if the claim is true or not.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?
  • How does Jeffrey’s Fast Lane work?
  • What Do I Like About Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?
  • What Don’t I Like About Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?
  • Is Jeffrey’s Fast Lane A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Jeffrey’s Fast Lane in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Review Summary

Product Name: Jeffrey’s Fast Lane

Author: “Jeffrey”

Product Type: Ecommerce Training

Price: $37 + Upsells

Rating: 2/10

What is Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?

Jeffrey’s Fast Lane is a program that claims to make you $250 per day with made-for-you system.

The author, Jeffrey claimed that this is for anybody without any experience. All you have to do is to just deploy the system and it will make you money automatically.

On the official website, you can see a sales video where it shows you a lot of big media like CNN, CNBC saying the term “working from home”.

It makes you think that the program is talked by the news reporter but it is not relevant at all.

It is just a marketing technique that makes you think that the program is very popular.

Then Jeffrey started talking about how he has used this income generating funnel to become rich.

He also adds a scarcity to him program by telling you that it’s only 35 spots left and it will run out soon. This is to make you impulse buy into the program.

In fact, you will still see the same message if you come back to the page in a week. It is a common technique that business owners use to increase sales.

How Does Jeffrey’s Fast Lane Work?

For a price of $37, you will get the following items.

  • 10 hours of ecommerce training
  • Done for you ecommerce store
  • Some webinars and ebooks

Basically, Jeffrey is selling an ecommerce course, more specifically a dropshipping course.

For those who are not familiar with dropshipping, it is a business model that let you sell cheap products(mainly from China) online without holding inventory.

It is a legit business model but the training you get here is very basic. I personally think that you can learn a lot on YouTube as well.

Jeffrey claimed that you can use the done-for-you system and make $250 per day.

If the system is that effective, all his students will be using the same exact system and the audience will grow tired of it.

Running an ecommerce store is no easy job. You need to get traffic to your store and that will either take a long time or take a lot of money running ads.

It is very difficult and risky. I don’t think you can easily be profitable by slapping somebody else’s system into your store.

What Do I Like About Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?

I could not find anything about it that’s favorable. The knowledge you get from the course is really general. What’s worse is the upsell you will get after buying the program.

It might look $37 upfront but you will get your hand into it. The author will talk you into buying more upsells to “make the entire system work”.

What Don’t I Like About Jeffrey’s Fast Lane?

1. Fake Testimonials

Above is the testimony for Jeffrey’s Fast Lane.

While below is the testimony for another program named “Affiliate Advisor Group” which I have reviewed in the past.

Both programs seem to be created from the same person.

2. Hidden Founder

The only thing we know about the founder is his name, “Jeffrey”. A legit program creator will show his face and talk about his background, experience and so on.

But instead Jeffrey tried his best to hide everything about him from his future student.

3. Upsells

The real cost will add up to hundreds easily.

Is Jeffrey’s Fast Lane A Scam?

I don’t recommend anyone to buy Jeffrey’s Fast Lane. If you are interested in dropshipping/ecommerce, I recommend doing some research online first like watching some free video on YouTube.

You need to know how much do you need to run a dropshipping.

Remember it can be very risky because I have seen people spending 1000 dollars in Facebook ads and still not getting any sales at all.

This happens all the time, so please be cautious.

If you are looking to make money with lower risk, I recommend affiliate marketing because that’s how I make some decent side income each month.

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