InfluencerCash Review

InfluencerCash Review – Is A Scam?

Welcome to my InfluencerCash Review!

Influencer promised to pay you $200 per day for inviting more people to join it. In this review, I am going to show you everything about Influencer to answer the question, is InfluencerCash scam?

This review consists of information like:

  • What is InfluencerCash?
  • How Does InfluencerCash Work?
  • What Do I Like About InfluencerCash?
  • What Don’t I Like About InfluencerCash?
  • Is InfluencerCash A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with InfluencerCash in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

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InfluencerCash Review Summary

Product Name: InfluencerCash

Author: Unknown

Product Type: Influencing Platform

Price: Free to Join

Rating: 1/10

What is InfluencerCash?

InfluencerCash is an online program that claims to pay you for inviting more people to join them.

It claimed to be an advertising platform and by exposing it to more people, you are  increasing exposure to their sponsors’ products.

However, there is very little information online about the company. After spending tons of hours into researching this program, I still have no luck of finding who created this program.

According to InfluencerCash’s official website, it claimed to have been in the industry since 2012.

But according to a website tracker, WHOIS, the official website was only created in April 2019.

Right off the bat, it shows some inconsistency about what the program said it is and what it actually is.

Now, let’s dig deeper into this program to find out more about it.

How Does InfluencerCash Work?

There are basically 2 ways to make money with InfluencerCash.

1. Invite People to Join

It is like every other app that pay you to invite your friends and family to use the app.

Once you become InfluencerCash’s member, you can share your referral link to other people.

If anybody joins through your referral link, you will earn money. They also pay everyone $25 to sign up for an account.

2. Paid Surveys

For those who don’t know, it is basically a way to make money online. Companies pay people to provide an opinion about their products.

InfluencerCash pay through PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin, and mailed checks.

They even claimed to add more payment methods if you don’t use any of those methods mentioned above.

What Do I Like About InfluencerCash?

There is nothing I like about this program. Let me explain below.

If you are looking to make some quick money online, I recommend going with the big survey companies like InboxDollars and SwagBucks.

These companies will 100% pay you and you can make around $3 to $10 or more per survey.

What Don’t I Like About InfluencerCash?

1. Lies Everywhere

We have seen that the website was only created in April 2019 but it claimed to have already paid out 35 million to its members.

I mean if it is that big of a company, there should have some information about it. But I can literally find nothing about it.

2. Similar to Other Sketchy Programs

In fact, I have reviewed several programs like PaidLeaf and RainMoney that are very similar to InfluencerCash and they all never pay to their members.

People are complaining about not getting paid by these programs.

When you look into each and every one of them, you notice that they all promise to pay you for inviting friends to join them.

But often times these programs have a minimum threshold. For example, you need to accumulate to $100 before you can make the first withdrawal.

Then people will work hard to invite people or complete surveys. They will only realize that the program will never pay them when the minimum threshold is met.

3. Phishing Scam

For those who have signed up for an account with this program, I strongly recommend changing your credential if it is related to the one you registered in these shady programs.

Nobody knows what will they do with your credential. It doesn’t harm to have an extra layer of security.

Is InfluencerCash A Scam?

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join InfluencerCash. If you are really into paid surveys, there are far better alternatives like InboxDollars and SwagBucks.

However, I generally recommend people to use the time to build a business that will generate passive income for you.

For example, I have sacrificed a lot of my time into building this blog and now it has been generating some decent passive income for me.

The reason being I have hundreds of visitors coming to my website each day. I can easily make $100 per day from my affiliate sales and ad revenue.

If you are interested in how I make money with affiliate marketing, please feel free to read here where I share my online venture.

Hopefully, this review has helped you gain better insight of InfluencerCash. If you find this helpful, please share it with more people to alert them as well.

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