How To Make Money From Home For Free – Quit The Job You Hate

Welcome to my blog about How to make money from home for FREE!

If you wonder what it takes to make money from home, you have come to the right place because we are going to talk about the most common ways to make money from home. The best part is that it does not require any upfront fee!

I know the pain of waking up early in the morning and stuck in the traffic just to commute to work from 9 to 5. Also, you have to face all the human problems if you have a bad working environment.

It would be nice to work at home and spending break time with family. You can also save food money because you can eat at home.

Yes, you can certainly do that! But are you ready to sacrifice some time now to grow your business? Please keep in mind this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you need to put in serious effort in order to see results and make money.

Ways of Making Money Online

There are many ways to work from home, in order words make money online. Thanks to the internet and technology nowadays, we can make money online without being tech-savvy.

The method I recommend focuses on the ultimate goal which is creating passive income. Although this might take a little longer than other methods, this is the way to achieve financial freedom.

Once you set up a business that generates passive income, you will be earning money even while you are asleep. Wouldn’t it be nice to work at home and eventually quit working? This is totally possible.


Below is the income from a 21 years old college dropout. He spent 3 years in setting up his business and he is able to quit college and live the life he wanted by using a business model named ‘Affiliate Marketing’.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing, please check my previous blog on ‘How to learn to affiliate marketing for free‘.

Different type of Income

There are mainly 2 types of income by working from home.

The first one is trading time for money. This is quite similar to your 9-5 job but the only difference is that you are working remotely at home.

The second type is passive income. This is the method that will make you consistent income in the long term.

However, you won’t see results for quite a while(depends on your effort) because it takes time to build a business that generates passive income.

1. Trade Time for Money

i) Freelancing

There are a variety of jobs on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and You can be a virtual assistant, writer, image creator, data entry, etc. All you have to do is check what is suitable for you on those freelancing platform and sign up to be a freelancer.

ii) Remote job

There are jobs that allow you to stay at home and work. For example, software developers, artists, and video editors are some of the most common jobs as of 2019.

2. Passive Income

i) Investing

Stocks, Index Fund, ETF, options, real estate investment funds(REIT) and so on. There are many investments that you can look into but keep in mind that investing can sometimes result in a loss.

If you are new to investing, I recommend looking into Index Fund because even Warren Buffet said that it is hard for regular people to make money in investing stocks. The only thing that the general public should invest in is the index fund.

ii) Real Estate

The idea is to buy a house and rent it to somebody else. Then you can live on the monthly rental income. Obviously, this requires a huge upfront fee to purchase the house. You can loan from the bank but banks usually give loan to someone who has a stable job and a decent income.

This is the ultimate goal for someone who is looking to achieve financial freedom. However, we need to save up to invest in real estate.

iii) Affiliate Marketing

This is the method we are focusing in this post because this is a method that everyone can start right now. It is better to start ASAP because of the snowball effect. In order words, the income will grow exponentially like shown in the chart above.

Why Is It Free to Start Affiliate Marketing

All you need to start is a website. You may think that you need to pay to set up a website. The program ‘Wealthy Affiliate‘ I recommend let you set up 2 websites for free. Please check more details in my blog ‘How to Start a blog for FREE‘.


How Long Does It Take to Make Money

I can’t stress enough that this is not a get-quick-rich scheme. If you are looking to make money fast, this might not be the solution for you.

If you are willing to put in the effort like I do which is posting 5 posts in your niche per week, you will most likely start to see the result by the 4th or 5th months.

However, once you started to make money although it will be small, your income will grow very quickly because your website will gain popularity from search engines if you constantly upload high-quality content.

How to Make Passive Income

We are going to make a brief introduction to the workflow. If you want to learn about the details, please check ‘How to learn to affiliate marketing for free‘.

The idea is to promote other people’s product by blogging. If somebody buys the product from your blog, you get a commission for that sale.

1. Pick a Niche

You need to select a topic that many people are interested in. For example, fitness, travel, business, and so on. Make sure that it is something you are passionate about because it will easier for you to constantly create content in that niche.

2. Search for a High Paying Program

Look for programs that pay 40-50% commission because that’s the only way to sustain your business. Avoid the low ball program because the product they are selling might be low quality and it will ruin your reputation.

Wealthy Affiliate pays 50% to their affiliate and the service they are providing is very valuable to online marketers. Please feel free to check them out if you are interested.

3. Create a Website

Now, don’t worry if you are not good with technology.

All you have to do is follow this blog ‘How to Start a blog under 4 EASY steps‘ which is used by many people who are in their 60’s to create a website. If they can follow it with no problem, so can you!

4. Get traffic and Make Money

After you posted a blog, it takes time for Google to recognize it and put it on the result page. When people search for your niche, they will find out about your blog and when they buy from your website, you will be making money.

This is why it takes several months for you to see the result. However, you can post on social media like Facebook and Pinterest to get traffic before Google found your page.


There you go, the best way to make money from home. It is not easy but it is worth a try. Many bloggers are able to stay at home and sustain their life because of this method.

Not to mention there are a ton of different ways that you can make money with a popular website. The hard part is building a strong fan base. Once you achieve that, you will be looking at tens of thousands per month if not more.

How to Make 4-Figure Per Month?

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