How to Get Traffic to Your Website – 3 Key Steps

Google has been modifying its algorithm so that it focuses on providing the most relevant and high-quality content. Thus people can’t use shortcut to boost their site’s rank on Google. You need to understand the proper way of letting Google find your website. Below we talk about the fundamental that you need to know to get rank higher on Google.

Keyword Research – topic popularity

First of all, you need to identify a niche which is stuff that you are passionate about so that you can keep creating content around that niche. Being persistent is the number 1 thing in getting traffic because Google likes those who constant upload new content.

After identifying your niche, you can type your topic in Google search bar and see its suggestions. Then you can narrow down your topic and be more specific in creating your content.

I recommend using tools like Jaaxy to check a topic’s popularity. You should aim at average traffic that’s more than 30 and QSR(competition) that’s less than 100. This makes sure that your blog has a high visiting rate and low competition.

A good principle to follow is to be broad on choosing your niche and narrow down on topics. You can pick a popular niche like Sports. Then you create content around sports such as ‘Sport that burns most calories’ or ‘5 Sports that you can do at home’. Basically, you are looking for problems within your niche and recommend solutions to readers.

Quality Content – include keywords

After identifying a topic, you should then focus on creating quality content. Remember that you should think from the reader’s perspective. Why would someone read your blog?

Because they are looking for solutions quick. Therefore, you should research into a topic and look for many solutions so that readers can save their time by reading your blog.

You can break down your blog into introduction, solution, alternatives and conclusion. You can summarize all solutions into bullet points and briefly introduce each solution and include hyperlinks so that viewers can look for more information if they are interested.

Remember to insert keywords into your content so that Google knows your content is highly relevant to your topic.

Google Indexation

What is Google Indexation

Imagine that your website is a phone number and you want to add your number into Google’s phone book. So when users want to look for someone like you, they can search you up in Google’s phone book.

Basically, Google has automated bots which constantly look for most updated content and you want to ensure that Google’s bot can spot your website and put it on their result page. This is why you need to get your website indexed.

How to get your website indexed by Google quick

Watch this video to skip through the content below on how to get your website indexed.

The quickest way for me to my website indexed is through Google Search Console (GSC) which is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites.

To set up GSC, you need to first verify the ownership of your site. There are many ways to verify your ownership but I recommend using Google Analytic because it seems to be the easiest method for me.

Steps for set up Google Search Console

  1. Setup Google Analytic(GA)
  2. Add GA id into ‘All in One SEO’ plugin (If you are not using WordPress, you can add the tracking code into the head tag of your HTML code.)
  3. Complete verification

Next, you can add sitemaps in GSC so that Google knows every time you added new content on your website. Below is how you can add sitemaps if you are using the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin in WordPress.

Steps for adding sitemaps in Google Search Console

  1. Activate XML Sitemaps in ‘All in One SEO’ plugin’s feature manager
  2. In XML Sitemap, click ‘view your XML Sitemap’
  3. Copy the URL and paste it onto Google Search Console


There’s no shortcut in getting traffic to your site. You may pay for advertisements but that traffic does not last long. Getting organic traffic is the only way for long term success. Remember these 3 steps (keyword research, create quality content, get your site indexed on Google) to boost your site’s rank on Google.

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