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You may hear of WordPress when it comes to website building. For those who do not know WordPress, it is a management system that helps users with no knowledge of programming to build a website/blog.

Yes, WordPress is indeed a handy tool for designing a website. However, you will need to launch the website on the world wide web once you are done designing your web on WordPress.

This will require a host server and you need to pay companies like HostGator for renting their server ($9.95/month for 3 websites). Well, now you can do that for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

Build Websites for Free

WA helps launch your website by hosting it on a platform named SiteRubix for absolutely free. You can host two websites by signing up a free account on WA (while HostGator charges for $7.95/month).

You also have the option to host as much as 50 websites by upgrading to a premium account which costs $19 for the first month and $49 for the recurring months. Geez, $49/month for hosting websites? Of course, it comes with very important features that you most likely need to make your website popular.

Once you sign up on WA, you just have to follow the guide on Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp to build your website for free. They provide clear and simple instructions so you will have no problem follow them through. You can also ask questions in the community and there will be plenty of experienced bloggers ready to help solve your problem.

Increase the number of viewers

Getting traffic is the most important thing when launching a website. A blog/website with no viewer or a website that doesn’t get indexed by Google is just a diary for the creator. WA provides features that will boost the website’s traffic by optimizing your website to rank higher on Google.

In addition, there is boot camp/training in WA to help you learn search engine optimization(SEO) which is all about getting that organic traffic. They teach lessons like SEO, Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp, Content Writing, Email Marketing, Keyword and Niche Research.

One very important keyword-research tool named Jaaxy is provided in WA for free as well. By using Jaaxy, you get to know if your blog’s topic is popular and how is the competition on Google. Ideally, a good topic will have traffic that’s higher than 30 and QSR(competition) that’s lower than 100.

Jaaxy charges $49/month for unlimited keyword research but it is included in the WA’s premium subscription. For free subscription on Jaaxy and WA, you only get 30 searches.

Earn money on Wealthy Affiliate

You get commission by referring WA to friends. Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Free Membership earns $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.

If you are a premium member and you refer to 100 people, that is a monthly income of $2350. If you hit 300 people on the referral program, you get to join WA’s Las Vegas conference for free. WA provides everything for you to travel to Las Vegas and meet with the founders of WA.


You pay absolutely nothing for building a website by signing up a free account on Wealthy Affiliate. Then you get to watch a series of free training to boost your website traffic. If you are serious about creating a website and getting traffic to it, WA is the number 1 recommendation for you.

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