Forrise Review - Scam or Legit Cryptocurrency Company? [Reveal]

Forrise Review – Scam or Legit Cryptocurrency Company? [Reveal]

Welcome to my Forrise Review!

Forrise claims to let you make money by investing in their packages and recruiting people. In this review, you are going to read everything about Forrise. This review is written to answer the question ‘Is Forrise a Scam?’.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Forrise?
  • How Does Forrise Work?
  • How to Join Forrise?
  • What Do I Like About Forrise?
  • What Don’t I Like About Forrise?
  • Is Forrise A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Forrise in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Forrise Review Summary

Product Name: Forrise Limited

Founder: Adam Schultz

Product Type: Investment company

Price: $50 to $5 million

Rating: 2/10

What is Forrise?

Forrise Limited is an investment company based in Panama. It was founded by Adam Schultz. The company domain was bought in 2019, but Adam Schultz claims that it was founded in 2009 when he first had the idea of doing this business.

Adam Schultz claims to have studied in Great Britain. His major was finance and he also studied other areas such as trading and stock exchanges. He also claims to have attended prestigious global conferences to learn from master traders around the world.

After learning about the high tax rates in his home country, Adam eventually acquired a Panamanian citizenship to set up his company there.

The company offers investment choices from USD to cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin.

How Does Forrise Work?

Forrise Limited offers a various range of investment plans. Let us take a look at the plans they have offered for their USD investments. The minimum requirement to invest is $50 and the lowest range goes up to $699. In this package you would receive a 1% profit daily over a period of 15 days.

The second range goes from $700 to $4999. For this package you would receive a 1.4% of daily profit over the course of 30 days.

The next range goes from $5000 to $10000, where you get a 1.7% daily profit over the course of 50 days.

There are other plans that let investors invest up to $5 million, but I would not get into detail as to how the compensation structure goes.

Cryptocurrency investment packages for Bitcoin and Ethereum also equip similar compensation structures as well.

Forrise Limited also offers another opportunity for their investors to generate extra income. The referral program launched by the investment company aims to recruit more members through affiliate marketing.

The commission structure for the referral program looks lucrative because it allows up to15 levels of downlines. A bonus of up to $300,000 will also be distributed once members hit a certain affiliate rank.

How to Join Forrise?

The website for Forrise Limited has a lot of call to actions for you to sign up. Even if you manage to miss them, you can still find the login or sign up button at the top right corner of the webpage.

To join Forrise Limited is fairly simple. Just enter your username or password. If you do not have an account registered under them, all you have to do is sign up by filling in your personal details.

Not only that, you will have to agree to their terms and conditions before joining, which is a standard procedure for most companies out there. however, if it is related to your personal finances, make sure to always go through the terms and conditions so you know what kind of commitment you are making.

What Do I Like About Forrise?

1. Professionally designed website

The website for Forrise Limited is very practical and presents information clearly to users. Not only that, it has an SSL encryption certificate.

For those of you who don’t understand what it is, an SSL encryption certificate shows that the website is secure. This means the data transferred between your device and their servers are encrypted and protected.

Websites that ask for your personal information such as your email address and card number should have this certificate to protect your personal privacy.

Not only that, the website presents information in a very text-rich context along with several videos. This provides a lot of information to the customers and is easier to gain their trust.

What Don’t I Like About Forrise?

1.  Similar operation model to a Ponzi scheme

The company does not provide proof of payment to their customers. There is absolutely no way of knowing how much the company makes from investing those funds. In fact, we do not even know the investment vehicles they are using.

This indicates that it is possible that old members are being paid off by using new funds. When new members are recruited, they always have to pay a certain amount of fees. That amount is used to pay off existing members so they are incentivised to find more recruits.

The definition of a Ponzi scheme is that its affiliates income streams are more than the revenue from retail sales. If we do not see proof of their operation, it is very likely this is another Ponzi scheme

Is Forrise A Scam?

It is still early to determine whether Forrise Limited is a scam. However, I find the investment company to be suspicious.

One of the red flags they have raised is the fact that the founder claims the company was founded in 2009 when the domain name was bought in 2019.

There are other platforms for you to invest without going through the trouble of worrying whether or not it might be a scam. If you are truly into learning about investment, I suggest you start researching legitimate platforms with low brokerage fees such as Charles Schwab.

There are no guarantees in investing, especially those “no risk” but high return investments. If you do encounter something like this, do proper research before giving them your money, or else you would learn about scams the hard way.


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