Emris International Review – Is Emris A Scam? [Explained]

Welcome to my Emris International Review!

Is Emris International A Scam? In this review, I am going to show you everything about Emris in order to answer that question. Hopefully by the end of this review, you will have better insight what’s it like to make money with Emris.

This review consists of information like:

  • What is Emris?
  • Emris Product
  • How to Make Money with Emris?
  • What Do I Like About Emris?
  • What Don’t I Like About Emris?
  • Is Emris A Scam?

Before I start, I must congratulate you for spending time to do your own research about the truthfulness of any program.

It is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many scammers online!

I am not associated with Emris in any way so rest assured that I am not here to sell you anything.

Emris Review Summary

Product Name: Emris International

Author: Aspen Emry, Ilean Harris, Matthew Harris

Product Type: Health and Wellness MLM

Price: $49 to Start

Rating: 7/10

What is Emris?

Emris International(Emris) is a multi-level marketing company that sells naturally-based health and wellness products.

It is co-founded by Aspen Emry, Ilean Harris and Matthew Harris recently in 2019. They registered this program under the company, Emris International Holdings, LLC which is located in Tampa, Florida.

I ran a check on WHOIS(a website tracker) and found out that their official website was created back in 2018.

Maybe they create the website in advance, one thing for sure is that this is a really new MLM company and now let’s see how to make money with it.

Emris Product

Currently, the company has only 3 products which are Synergy, Vitality Plus and Vida.

I am going to briefly explain what nutrition does each product provide. Then we can jump right into how to make money with it.

1. Synergy


As Emris claims, this is the Hemp Extract Oil which is the perfect product for CBD newbies and veterans alike.

Synergy is priced at $74 for 150mg and $99 for 250mg.

2. Vitality Plus


This product is for immune boosting and it fights anxiety as well as stress. It is composed of ashwagandha root, turmeric root, cinnamon bark powder, holy basil leaf, garlic bulb, and cordyceps.

This is priced at $74 for 30 servings in a bottle.

3. Vida


This is promoted to be contain over 2 dozen organic fruits and vegetables and super greens in one tablet.

It is for those who have a busy lifestyle. It supercharges your diet by bringing you all the nutrients you need in the shortest time.

Similar with Vitality Plus, this is also priced at $74 for 30 servings.

How to Make Money with Emris?

There are basically two ways to make money with Emris as their distributors. You can earn money through the retail commission and the recruitment bonus.

This is very common in the MLM world. Having reviewed more than 100 online programs, almost every MLM company let you make money via these 2 methods.

First, you need to buy the business kit for $49 to become a distributor(Brand Ambassador).

Retail Commission

After you become a distributor, Emris will provide a website template for you to host on your website to attract customers.

The biggest point of having your own website is that the company can track how much you have sold in a day and pay you afterwards.

You will first buy the product from Emris at a cheaper price and later resell the product at a retail price.

You make money by the price difference which is said to be around 20% of your cost.

Your customer can also opt for the VIP package if you really like the product. This will allow them to buy at a cheaper price for a longer term.

Recruitment Commission

This is where the multi-level marketing part comes into play. The basic idea goes like you need to invite as many people as possible to join Emris as a distributor.

These people will become your “downline” and you will receive a cut from every commission they made.

Your downline can pull other people into the company as well. Then you will have 2 layers of downline and thus increase your income.

That’s the power of MLM but the business model is rather risky because you need to maintain a sale number to be considered active within the program.

For example, if you don’t sell 30 kits in a month, you will lose the distributor status and can’t make money with them anymore.

That’s why people often lose a lot of money into stocking the product in order to keep the “Brand Ambassador” status.

What Do I Like About Emris?

1. Legit Product

Their products seem decent and there is no major complaint about the product so far. But I find that it can be challenging to sell nutrition products. Because people are more concerned about stuff that will affect their health.

2. It’s an MLM not Pyramid Scheme

The major difference between MLM and pyramid is that MLM company makes money by selling products while pyramid scheme solely profit off the new member’s membership fee.

If a company relies too heavily on the recruitment side and not making any sales, it will be way too shady and the government will be onto them quick enough.

Companies like Digital Altitude and MOBE are good examples that have been closed down by the FTC(Federal Trade Commission).

What Don’t I Like About Emris?

1. Hard to Sell

As mentioned above, health supplement can be hard to sell. You need to back your sales pitch up with a lot of scientific data.

You might want to try the product yourself in order to better describe it in your sales pitch.

Also, it is pretty hard to recruit people into an MLM nowadays because most people think of it as a scam.

2. Intense Competition

There are big companies like Amway and Herbalife selling the same niche products.

People are more likely to learn towards bigger brand since they have already established a good reputation.

3. Sales Target Pressure

This is the part where it scares most people off.

For example, you haven’t made any sales this month and it is close to the end of the month.

You need to make 30 sales this month in order to maintain your distributorship.

You have no choice but to buy the 30 units yourself and hope that you can sell them off soon.

“Update 5-21-2020: A comment said that there’s no 30 unit requirement.”

Then you have the pressure to sell 60 units next month and it quickly adds up.

Therefore, please be thoughtful and ask yourself if you are confident in selling these products before joining any MLM.

Is Emris A Scam?

Emris International is not a scam. They have shown everything about the company online.

You can easily reach them and I believe they have already set up a responsive customer service.

The main issue being if you are good at selling products. Sadly they don’t teach you how to leverage the power of internet marketing.

It is essentially to learn technical skills like search engine optimization and keyword research in order to get free and organic traffic to your website.

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