Best stock trading strategy in 2019: Long Vs Short

This blog just gave away million-dollars worth of stock trading strategy that most of the ‘trading gurus’ are teaching in their thousand dollar courses. Most of the people wonder which strategy is better, long or short? It is proven that both strategies can make you money if you know the setups and make a right entry.

There are tons of strategies and chart patterns that people used as a guide to buying stock. However, I rather focus on only one long strategy and one short strategy that is proved to be working really well. Being extremely picky in the stock market is the only way to avoid losing money and making consistent gains.


Multi-day Breakout

This strategy requires a stock to be a low float(less than 10M) stock and it has massive volume(More than 5M at the first-hour market open) traded on the intraday.

When the stock price is rising and getting close to the previous high point in history, there is a very big chance that it will break the high point and rise a lot more. This is because if a low float stock has more than 5M volume traded on the intraday, we know that there are a lot of people already bought and sold the stock but it’s still rising. This means the buying power is really strong.

Remember a low float stock has only less than 10M shares for everyone buy and sell. Which means it is very easy to push the stock up with very little money for big stock traders.

That’s $1 gain per share which means with $4500 you make $1000 in a few minutes.


Overextended bounce short

This strategy works when a stock went up to more than 50% in a day and the next day it shows signal of weakness. This is a classic ‘pump and dump’ strategy that penny stock market maker used to make profit. We can short the stock when it is getting dump and enjoy the ride back down to its original price point. The key here is how to spot the weakness and make an entry.

That’s when you see the stock struggle to go higher and start to break down huge. It’s best to short at the first bounce as shown above. It’s proved to have higher winning odds and you make as much as 50% gain as you can see above($4/share).

Crazy right, that’s the beauty of penny stock. Of course, we know that high profit has a higher risk. That’s why we need to have a lot of study and experience to ace in the stock market. I have learned strategies like mentioned above from Timothy Sykes and his millionaire students. Tim and his millionaire students have verified trades on a trading platform named ‘’. Their profits from the stock market are verified and thus they are legit.

The quickest way to learn from these professional traders without spending years in the market is to watch how they trade live every day. You can do that by joining Tim’s chatroom for $79/month. By joining the chatroom, you get to learn his reason behind each trade and you are free to leave anytime once you are confident to trade by yourself.

Remember 90% of the people lose money in the stock market so please prepare yourself before getting into this high risk/reward market.

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