6 Ways to Make Money Blogging

Looking for ways to make money with your blog? If you are serious about blogging and passionate about providing valuable information to help your viewer, you can certainly have a side income with your blog.

Below are 6 ways that many people used to make side incomes by blogging and some of them eventually quit their 9-5 job because of the high income from these 6 ways.

Please be noted that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you want to make quick money, this might not be your solution. Here we are looking at a consistent passive income that takes time to build.

Now, let’s dive into the gold.

1. Ads Revenue

Another way to make money by blogging is to place ads on your website. The most common providers are shown below:

  • Google AdSense
  • Mediavine
  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Media.net

Ads usually bring some minor income for bloggers who have massive traffic on their site. Many companies require your site to have a certain amount of traffic before you can apply to place ads on your site.

There are 2 types of Ads:

1) Cost Per Click (CPC) Ads

As the name stated, you get paid some money when someone clicks on the ads. However, you need to get a lot of clicks in order to make decent money.

2) Cost Per 1000 Impressions (CPM) Ads

An impression is defined by the ads being loaded on somebody’s website which mean you get paid when the ads are viewed by 1000 different IP addresses.

Therefore, you need to have a lot of traffic for you to make decent money by placing ads on your website.

2. Sell Private Ads

Another way to make money by placing ads is through private deals. This is different from the method above and you can make more money by doing this way.

Instead of placing ads for companies like Google and Mediavine, you can talk to a local business or anyone who need to promote their promote and offer them your traffic for a good price.

For example, you own a fitness blog with massive traffic. A business owner who sells healthy products will certainly be interested to promote their product on your website. They are highly likely to pay you way more than Google does.

Although this will bring you much higher income, this is not as consistent as using platforms like Google Adsense because you won’t get approached by companies every single day.

3. Sell Your Own Product

Instead of promoting other’s product and get a little commission, you can certainly promote your own product and get the entire profit.

However, it is recommended to test if you can actually sell through your blog before creating your own product. This is because you might be wasting a ton of time creating a product that does not fit your market/viewer’s interest.

You need to test with other’s ‘already made’ product and see if your viewer like what you are promoting. Then only decide whether it is worth the time to create your product let it be a book, online course or t-shirt.

This is what most of the gurus on social media are doing to make tons of money. You might have noticed there are a lot of people selling online courses that teach day-trading, drop shipping and even affiliate marketing.

These are exactly what you can do with your blog provided that you have a massive fan base.

4. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a business that requires the least start up cost but it takes time and serious effort to make money in this sector. Basically, you get a commission for selling someone else’s product.

For example, you own a popular dog-lover Instagram account and you promote some products on your account. You get paid when somebody used your affiliate link and made a purchase on the website.

You do not need to create an e-commerce store to make money and you have no risk by doing affiliate marketing. The biggest challenge is to own a popular platform let it be Instagram, Blog, YouTube Channel, or Facebook page.

You will be spending a ton of time prepare and provide content but that does not guarantee anyone will see your content. That’s why keyword research and search engine optimization(SEO) is so important.

I have learned these skills with the best online marketing community. Please feel free to check how I make a passive income with the training I learn there.

5. Personal Branding

Once there is consistent traffic on your blog, it means you own a large fan base in your niche. If you consistently provide valuable information and establish yourself as the authority in the niche, many money-making opportunities will come to you.

For example, you will be invited to write a book, give a speech at certain events, be interviewed on certain shows or having a partnership with certain companies. All of these will bring a big check for your reputation in a specific niche.

The downside of this way is that it takes time for you to build up a fan base. It requires a lot of valuable and creative ideas to be outstanding in the current world where information spreads out in lightning speed.

6. Sell Your Blog


Last but not least, you can sell your blog for decent money if you have consistent and mass traffic on your blog. Check this girl who sold her blog for $28,000 after 13 months of building it. How did she do that? She has stated that all she did is to follow the proper online marketing training.

In conclusion, there are many ways that you can make money blogging and achieve financial freedom in a relatively short time. But you need to have a solid foundation about content writing, keyword research, SEO and so on. I have previously written a blog about how to improve those skills. Please check here to find out more.

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