How to Avoid Scams on the Internet

Freelancing is great for people that have the skill and are not able to work in the office but it certainly has its drawback comparing to the normal 9-5 jobs. There are numerous scams applied daily in the freelancing world. We have compiled the 3 most common scams on freelancing platforms and ways to prevent people from falling into the trap.

3 Common Scams on Freelancing Platform

1. Company ask for a upfront fee before start working

Scammers usually like to ask freelancer about their background information and reasons for wanting the job at the beginning of the conversation. Then they will have freelancer setup some payment gateway like Skrill or other cryptocurrency exchange app. Right before they talk about the job scope, they will have you send some fees to their account to ‘make sure that you are serious about the job’. They like to use phrases like ‘to keep away spams’, ‘registration fee’ and etc. Please be cautious that this is very likely that this company is a scam.

There are many ways to make sure that if the company is legit. The most straightforward way is to search on Google about the company or look for the person that contacts you on LinkedIn. If you can’t find anything with it, then you should contact customer support about this suspicious user. Remember don’t give your money away regardless of what they claim.

2. Company ask for extra work without extra pay

There are companies that ask for extra work from freelancer upon finishing of the project. Some companies even threaten to give a bad review if the freelancer does not provide the ‘extra’ work. These companies do not respect the freelancer’s effort and time and yet force them to provide extra by threatening. It’s shown that freelancer does not have much protection in the market.

Therefore having a system that set milestones for project and gets freelancer paid along the way is very important. Freelancer should also have a record of every conversation and their work so that there is evidence when the company gives a bad review. Please note that freelancer should never request the company to change their review even if they deliberately gave a bad review because this action might violate the freelancing platform’s rules and regulation. Just contact support and show them every proves that you have.

3. Freelancer refuse to deliver on time unless more money is paid

This is extremely bad for a project that has a tight deadline. Freelancers with bad intention usually like to take advantage of the fact that the deadline is around the corner and company will be more likely to pay a higher salary if they refuse to finish up the project. This is considered as blackmail and should be reported to customer support right away. Again companies should set milestones and a timeline for the freelancer to finish their work at the beginning phase. Companies should keep a record of their conversation with freelancer so that there is evidence to show that agreement is broken by the freelancer.

Overall there are certain risks using freelancing platform. However if you are cautious enough and take the precautions mentioned above, you should not have any problem fighting unethical individual.

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