10 Minute Millionaire Review – Can you really make money with it?

Welcome to My Review of 10 Minute Millionaire

If you are wondering how to make money investing in stock, you will probably hear of 10 Minute Millionaire.

The program seems to have the potential to make good money with relatively less effort. However, there are untold truths that you should know before you put down your hard-earn money.

That is exactly why I had done research about this program and created this comprehensive review to help you.

Below we are going to reveal everything you need to know about 10 Minute Millionaire. Please note that I am associated with 10 Minute Millionaire in any way.

10 Minute Millionaire Review Summary


Product Name: 10 Minute Millionaire

Author: D.R. Barton Jr.

Price: $299 per year

Summary: 10 Minute Millionaire is a newsletter that teaches you how to set up trades and what stock should you be focusing to make a big gain. For $299 each year, you will get several resources to be successful in the stock market. Although it seems bright and glory, there is hidden truth that you need to know before you spend the money to buy this course.

Rating: 2/10

Who is Behind 10 Minute Millionaire?

D.R Barton Jr. is the founder of 10 Minute Millionaire. He used to be a financial coach who has 30 years of technical trading experience.

He co-authored the book Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom which is a popular book for people who focus on the long side of stock trading.

Barton is also an analyst on big mainstream media like Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg Radio.

He claims to teach the general public to make money in the stock market regardless of any stock movement, bull or bear through 10 Minute Millionaire program.

However, is the program really that powerful that you can make money with any stock movement? There are many hidden truths that you need to know.

What Is 10 Minute Millionaire?

10 Minute Millionaire is a trading newsletter/program that teaches you about how to set up trades that will make you big gains within 10 minutes.

It is another newsletter listed on the website named ‘Money Map Press’ which hosts many other similar programs like Fast Fortune Club and Federal Rent Checks. These programs do not have a good reputation online because they are promoted like one of those ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes.

A method named ‘Hooke Pattern‘ is claimed to generate consistent income for traders who follow 10 Minute Millionaire according to Barton.

Inside the program, traders are given a list of stocks that are recognized as Hooke Pattern and these stocks are claimed to have the potential to have big movement in the near future.

What Will You Get from 10 Minute Millionaire?

There are 7 main resources that you will obtain from the course.

1. Insider Newsletter

This is a daily newsletter that provides tips and a list of hot stocks for traders to focus on. Usually, people will look for news about the selected stocks to see that if it is likely to go up in the future. Thus, you need to spend time study about each company and look for news that will stimulate the stock price.

2. Millionaire’s Mindset

This is a weekly podcast that talks about how stocks moved recently and what’s likely going to happen soon. You get to know Barton’s reasoning behind his stock pick.

3. The Success Network

A forum that connects you with other members. This is a place for discussion and opinion on stocks. People will post their successful trades from time to time.

4. Millionaire’s Roundtable

This is a live chat session/webinar where you can ask Barton question in real time.

5. Guide To Money Management

A book that focuses on finance and teaches you how to manage finance. If you are bad with money and want to save your hard-earn money, this might be a solution for you.

6. Passport To Wealth

This is a mindset training program that helps you think like a millionaire so that you learn their habit and hopefully make millions.

7. The Book

Subscribers also get a free copy of Barton’s The 10 Minute Millionaire Book.

Who is 10 Minute Millionaire for?

Comparing to many other ‘guru’ online, the price you are paying here is definitely on the lower end but still, I would not recommend this course to anyone.

Simply because the value it provides does not worth the penny. There are many free online resources that provide pretty much the same lessons.

There is no testimony for the newsletter as well. Therefore you can’t know whether it is profitable or not. In my opinion, I don’t think it will make you consistent gain just by following the stock pick.

If the stock pick is really that reliable, Barton will already retire and he does not need to put so much effort in selling this program.

What do I Like About 10 Minute Millionaire?

  • Refund Policy
    There are two types of refund policies.
    First is the 60-day Money Back Guarantee. You get a refund within the 60 days from purchase. Another one is the ‘One Year Policy’ which states that if you haven’t been provided with 12 trade opportunities for 100% gains or higher during the first year of your membership, you’ll be eligible for a full refund.
  • Author’s Legit Background
    Barton’s background as a financial analyst is unquestionable. He definitely knows what he was talking about but that does not mean his newsletter will make you money for sure. There is nothing for sure in the stock market, you might make $1000 on day 1 but losing $5000 on day 2. Please be conservative when you are just starting.
  • Easy To Follow
    The program is designed for beginner and immediate traders. It is easy to use and you should not have any problem using any of the resources.

What don’t I Like About 10 Minute Millionaire?

  • Bad Review for The Provider
    The 10 Minute Millionaire is hosted on ‘MoneyMapPress’ which has too many negative reviews online. People are talking about how they have canceled from the subscription but still, get charges after that. People also complained about the misleading promotion for most of the courses on the platform. They overhyped their courses so that people will buy it but the quality of the course is not really that great.
  • Get Rich Quick Scheme
    As the named stated, you will make a million in 10 minutes. I don’t believe in these schemes and have strong discouragement towards these programs simply because ‘Rome does not build in a day’.Of course, stock trading can make you a lot of money but you can’t achieve it but just following other people’s stock pick. You need to observe the market and have many reasons that back your decision. The most important thing is discipline. Can you stop the lost quick enough if the stock does not behave like what you want? This seems easy but often time people lose a ton of money by not having discipline.
  • Overhyped Sale Claims
    The promotional statement is unreal, the author makes it sounds too easy to make money in the stock market. People always look for an easy way to achieve financial freedom. However, this might not be the best solution for them because it is nerve-wracking when you place a stock and often times you need to stare at the stock chart for the entire day because Barton focuses on technical analysis which is only applicable in day-trading and short swing-trading.


There are many other courses online that ask for only a one-time fee and they provide great value in stock trading. I think it is better to learn the knowledge instead of just following the newsletter here at 10 Minute Millionaire. Thus, I don’t recommend this product to anyone.

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